Replication of your data: Even with limited and interrupted internet connections

Wherever you collect data and need to replicate to one central or even many decentralized computers, we’ll enable you to achieve this.

We build offline and online content management services with data replication included. Replication happens whenever there is an internet connection available and patiently waits, when there is none.

To achieve this we use only freeware from the public domain. The software won’t cost you anything.

Example 1

An NGO has several field staff who go out to the provinces and collect data, which they enter using forms on their notebook computers. Collected data is securely and rapidly stored locally while the moment they get to an internet connection, all their data is replicated against the NGO’s central office and/or to the notebooks of other field staff.

Example 2

A restaurant has several branches across the country. The management is located in the capital city. The sales of each branch are recorded on the computer of this branch and don’t depend on an internet connection. Via mobile data or dsl/fibre an internet connection is established once a day for at least a few minutes. All data is transferred to the main office and sales, use of stock, working hours, etc. can be analyzed by the management in the capital.

These are just two examples of many more possibilities, of how to use our data replication.

If you feel, that this can be of use for you as well, just contact us and be pleasantly surprised by our conditions and affordable prices.